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I've grown up around tennis my whole life as my dad has been a teacher for about 18 years. I didn't really get serious about it till freshmen year of high school but have since become a USTA Tournament competitor. Next year I will be attending an in-state Division 3 school where I will most likely play for the team because I love to play the game and would love to compete at the collegiate level. I've been looking online for people talking about there experiences playing Division 3 Tennis but sadly have found nothing. I was wondering if anyone had any stories about what they enjoyed about playing Division 3 and what the overall experience was like.
Thank You!
Wow...interesting as you must be inside my head lately. I love to do college tennis interviews as part of my business / blog. I just landed UNC's Whitney Kay who is doing well right now. Zoe Scandalis from USC and Jarmere Jenkins (UVA) Sloane Stephens as we all know...but i have been thinking specifically about D3. I love college tennis in general not just players have experiences and challenges I am very interested in. Which school are you going to? I wish you great success. And maybe - just maybe?
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