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Originally Posted by Macedo View Post
What were you doing in the end? Never saw that
It's a technique to straighten strings, usually done with a "setting off" tool. A setting off tool is sort of like a really thick, blunt awl. GSS has the "Kimony" and "RAB" versions.

It's not something a home stringer is going to find necessary in their process, but I find it to be actually pretty valuable in my kit. In any marathon stringing session, especially over the course of a few days, your finger tips start to get really tender, so a "final check" string straightening starts to physically hurt. That's really where the setting off tool shows its value. I don't think this is a necessary tool for a standard kit, though. It's more of a luxury item. I didn't even know they existed for the longest time until I saw a pro using one on a GSS video many years ago. It wasn't until a couple years ago I acquired a Babolat one.
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