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Originally Posted by vandre View Post
oh man, this is the topic i've been waiting years for! grab some popcorn and a seat...

...i played d3 tennis ... in the 90s. the other guys on my team ranged for high school stand outs to converted [soccer] players (you have not lived until you've played a ... pusher!!!!!!).

d-3 tennis was great because i made a ton of good friends, i learned alot ... and i've got more stories than this thread can hold!
+1. Almost exactly my experience as well.

Played in the 90's for a school that was D-III and was in the process of transitioning to D-II at the time (and is now D-I).

Though the composition evolved quite a bit even just during my time there, the varied range of players on our team and the variety among D-III teams in general was astounding.

For example, with respect to our team, when I first joined, the #1 player was already a D-III All-America but then the quality quickly dropped and the bottom half of the starting line-up barely owned their own rackets. After the #1 player/All-America graduated, the coach started recruiting internationally in anticipation of the transition to D-II so at the end of my career we had the top 4 spots anchored by a Norwegian, two Koreans and a German who were all really strong players (all played seriously among the junior ranks) but again, the rest of the team was a motley crew (including me) that ranged from what would be 3.5 to 4.5 (being slightly generous) NTRP players.

Some of the craziness that occurred on and off court during practices and matches would have to have been seen to be believed.

Great times!

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