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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
Do you basically mean lean side to side and back and forth, etc, or is their some benefit to consciously initiating the action with the pelvis?
Well I meant about pelvis in general situations, but even while seated you can try to move it. But, while seated, tilting sideway can be felt by lifting one buttcheek, rotating can be felt by pushing one knee forward while pulling the other back, and tilting back and forth can be felt by rounding the lower back and pressing the lower back against the chair or the opposite, by exaggerating the normal lumbar curve.

These motions can be done with greater range of motion while lying down in various ways. try stretching each way and hold like 10 sec.

Consciously initiating the pelvis movements is the most effective way in increasing the range of motion of the pelvis most safely and effectively IMO. Try to do it as often as possible.
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