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Originally Posted by iradical18 View Post
Man I'm the only one defending tattoos here! I don't think anyone gets a tattoo with the purpose of showing off how stupid the idea is. Some people may think an idea is a good one and then regret it later though, happens all the time. Did he have a reason for the toy story tat? I have a tattoo of a zebra head, why? Because zebra was my son's first word. I've learned to not always judge right off the bat when it comes to tattoos. I've got tons of stuff that I've drawn up to represent certain things that are important to me, in passing i'm sure it seems to make no sense to the person that doesn't know the underlying meaning.
It's hard to be the one defending things that are unpopular, especially with the older crowd I think people are quick to judge things they don't understand, and the understanding portion of the argument is subjective, so there's no right way to approach these discussions. There are many anecdotal cases of good/bad tattoo stories, it's easy to judge. IMHO there are so many things that are more concerning in society than the act of getting a tattoo/piercing/etc, but we like to have things to talk about, I guess. In the end, if someone disagrees with you, it's simple to dismiss your reasoning if you're already "just wrong."

Originally Posted by Overdrive View Post
That's true... to an extent.

But in your case, did you need permanent ink as a constant reminder of that word your son first said?
You could've easily remembered it.
Maybe he gets to see it in the mirror on a daily basis as a reminder of what he's living his life for? It doesn't HAVE to make sense to you. I personally think it's the exact same thing as someone having self-destructive spending habits and racking up thousands of dollars of credit card debt. Why is it OK to criticize someone because they got a mark on their body, but it seems acceptable/accepted that someone smokes cigarettes, etc? IMHO, that's an equally visual indication of someone unable to reason/follow a logical train of thought, no? Is the counter argument that they can quit? Is it/is it not still a character flaw? Is being pre-disposed to addiction and/or fallacious images of 'cool' not at all comparable to having a "permanent" mark on your body? Is it the (opportunity) cost?

I'm all for people having their own opinions regarding body modifications, but there's interesting (double) standards when it comes to calling these decisions out, I find.
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