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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
I have not strung that RQB racket, yet, but see your dilema. I Usually have problems with E-force (non Richter Tube) frames. I would use the brake and pull from the opposite side.

There are some frames that were designed without a Stringer in mind or stringing as an after thought. PK Krowning Moment is another racket that is a PITA to tie off. But I figured out a way to tie off without loosing too much tension.
Thanks for the tip, pulling from the opposite side did seem to have more relative tension on the string.

On a different note, cant believe u found my old post from 3 years ago hahaha. I gotta admit I was really young and arrogant at that time, sorry bout that. I did learn a lot from that old post and fix a lot of my techniques from 3 years ago compare to now
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