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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
Been hybriding for last 6+ years. For last year, i have been using lots of syn gut mains/poly cross and multi mains/poly cross and I really like this setup. I get feel and softness from the multi with added control and spin from the poly. I call this the poor mans Federer setup which is gut mains/poly cross. I have played gut mains/poly cross many times and love it but too expensive. Currently using NRG2 17G multi mains 51 lbs/TF RuffCode 17G poly 47 lbs and I really like it - very good for first 8-10 hours. Then OK until multi bites the dust around 14-15 hours.

I did use poly mains/multi cross a lot in my previous racket where I wanted to tone down the rackets inherit power a bit.

I think if you are an all court player that volleys a fair amount, the best setups are 1. gut/poly, 2. multi/poly, and 3. syn gut/poly. The softer mains provide much better feel at net.

If you depend on a power baseline game or you really need to tone down the power level of your racket, the best setups are 1. poly/multi, and 2. poly/syn gut. If you are rich, poly/gut, but this is a waste of gut for most of us as the the mains determine approximately 75% of a rackets feel.
totally agree about multi/poly not being a wasted setup. It might give someone more pop and touch that they would benefit from. The ONLY hybrid that makes little sense to me is one with nat gut crosses...unless you have $$$ to burn.
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