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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Quite interesting. I happened to do a contrast article on this as an undergrad for a soc elective. The number of prisons in North America with tennis courts can be counted on one hand. Which one were you in?
It was a juvenile detention facility. I will not reveal any further information, as I fear my personal privacy could be compromised.

Originally Posted by cork_screw
I would have seriously just said **** it and started playing and took one of the courts. If he gives me trouble, just give him trouble right back. If this "coach" wants to be an ***, just be an *** right back. He is selfish and he's trying to hide it behind the "kids" category when he's basically selling his time. You meet a lot of people like that out in Los Angeles.
Thank you. I am glad I am not alone in this. Perhaps other people here live in more harmonious communities, where decency and respect reign. In my area, it's dog eat dog. I am edified that someone else relates to my experience.
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