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Originally Posted by vinniedafoo18 View Post
Thanks for the tips and the compliment. I understand your point totally on holding onto the string for the mains. The crosses I did fan it a lot moving my fingers up and down, just kinda fast, and maybe the camera angle didn't do it enough justice. This racket was for a good customer so I wouldn't want to burn her string for sure. The awl is dull so I'm not damaging the string at all, unless you got any other tools suggestions for me to try ;D Maybe if I get a slow day I'll string up my Prestige MP with a full poly and record another one for fun
Nah, I saw that you were fanning, and your technique is going to be fine for most all string combos. The distance you fan is a little low for sticky polys is all I'm saying. If you look at the edges of the frame, you'll see that the cross won't move much across the main. This isn't going to cause problems 9 times out of 10. Like I said, I'd be very comfortable letting you string my frames, it's a minor thing for sure

And I'd still strongly recommend avoiding using ANY awl in place of a setting off tool -- they're not designed for it, and depending on the material (high carbon, perhaps), the steel can shear (don't ask me how I know). Using an awl also mandates that you can't use much lateral force, so I'd question the usability in the first place for string straightening...
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