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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
I just started the 'official' month 2 of Insanity today (last week was the 'recovery week' workouts in between the two months).

What. The. Hell.

It went from like 90 to 200 in terms of difficulty and intensity. I was not prepared for that kind of a leap. Also didn't help that they pair two workouts - the fit test and the max interval back to back on you.

Then I had a tennis match with a buddy of mine tonight and my legs, well, they didn't come with me to the courts. Month 1 was difficult enough balancing this and tennis, but manageable. I have no idea what I'm going to do about this Month 2 plus two leagues that I'm now in.
I just finished the day one of month two workouts.
I feel the same way. Adding the hr long max workout on top of the fit test is a cruel joke. I was watching him do some of the new moves and just laughed....but was able to push thru and do some of all of them.

Another very positive endorsement for the program.
I'm loving it, and my fitness has gone up an incredible amount.
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