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I received my Pro Kennex demos today from TW:

Pro Kinetic 5G
Pro Kinetic 7G
Redondo 98 MP+

The 5G was brand new; the plastic was on the grip. It's strung with Pro Kennex Elite 16, I think. Hard to read. I could find no Pro Kennex strings for sale at TW.

The 7G has been around the block of few times: black Wilson grip and Wilson Sensation Control 16.

The Redondo 98 has done the demo circuit too. The dark mustard brown leather grip doesn't have a lot of wear, but feels smooth with NO tack at all. Not appealing. The string reads Gosen Micro 17 Japan. If I matched it correctly at TW, it retails for $3.50. Perhaps that's it only virtue?

I took the 5G & 7G to the courts today for a brief session. I did a hopper of 'drop & hit' balls, alternating rackets to get a feel for them: one hand forehands & backhands and 2 hand forehands and backhands, serves. Then I hit 65 balls against my ball machine, rotating rackets periodically.

Let me say this: the purpose my my racket demo session was to see if I could improve on my present set up listed below. I still have some shoulder issues that I'm hoping one of the PKs can help. I also like the extended length concept because I think it will suit my topspin 2HFH. So frankly I'm predisposed to choose the 7G over the others.

The 5G felt stiffer to me on groundstrokes. It could be the new strings; they felt tight to me with a higher tone ping. The 5G did not have the power of the 7G. I had to raise my sights to hit deep shots. The 7G had more comfort and more effortless power on groundstrokes. No surprise, it has more leverage and perhaps softer, looser springs. Obviously, the strings in demo rackets are a variable.

Both rackets did OK on serves, but the 7G seemed more like swinging my OS Head. I felt right at home serving with the 7G.

The one thing the 5G really shined at today were slice backhands. It gave excellent control on aggressive slices.

After this brief test, I favor the 7G.

Next time out, I will compare the 7G to the Redondo 98.

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