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Originally Posted by NJ1 View Post
Yup that's just an estimate given that I put a hole right through to my socks in the toe section of CB 3.3s inside 30 hours. Maybe would be more like like 8 matches for Vapors, but it's no wonder I only buy discounted 6 month warranty shoes. A couple of my close friends are strong open level players so I'm continually tearing around court trying to catch up to their shots. Plus I drag on my backhand and serve.

I wish I could justify wearing Vapors, they sound like very comfortable, light and stable shoes.
They are. And I don't think I'm that rough on my shoes anymore, at least not after hearing from you.

If I stay with just one pair of V8, they'll last me about 1 and a half month, 2months at most. And I do play a lot.

Definitely more than ~5-8 matches with one pair.
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