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Originally Posted by Nadal_Power View Post
Time : 1 hour 54 minutes

Pete Sampras                                        Andre Agassi

87           Rallies 1-4 (157)                      70 
16           Rallies 5-8 (30)                       14 
3            Rallies 9-12 (4)                       1
So in this case the rally length seems to make no difference. Sampras won 55% of the shortest points and 53% of the ones that went to 5-8 hits.

Even if you take out the 1-stroke points (aces/df's), it makes little difference: that leaves Sampras winning 52% of the rallies going to 2-4 strokes (Sampras wins 65, Agassi 60).

Sampras did win 3 of the 4 longest points, which may have increased the perception that he dominated Agassi from the baseline (those were probably dramatic points).

I just noticed that your rally counts include double-faults, as 1-stroke points (along with aces).

I'm not sure that's the way it's done in official stats but it makes sense, if errors are included as the last shot in a point (ie, unreturned serves are 2-stroke rallies). It's just that in the case of double-faults the error is the only stroke of the point!

I've done rally counts for some matches, can't recall how I did it. But counting double-faults as 1-stroke rallies does make sense.

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