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Originally Posted by Itagaki View Post
You also acknowledged that you did this as a novice over the period of 9 months correct?

The novice effect is a generally an exception to the statement "you can't gain muscle and lose fat at the same time"

The statement in general is not 100% accurate either, as there is such a thing as recomping, which is essentially what you did. The caveat is that this generally takes a lot longer than the standard bulk/cut cycling and usually requires more complicated planning (absent being a novice or using drugs)

I would guess that during this 9 month period you were not in a surplus (at least not a very significant one) but you were also not in a deficit, at least looking at it macroscopically

9 months is a pretty substantial stretch of time for such a thing

And there is most certainly some increased water and glycogen retention in your LBM increase, more than a bit i'd wager
The point about being a novice is correct, which i "pointed to" when i wrote "Im not saying that u can continue to produce those stats, but as a novice lifter many people have genes that allow this."

I said that part of the gain was water. My aim is that people shouldnt believe the often stated sweaping claim that it is not at all fysiologically possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time due to the "imposibility of being catabolic and anabolic at the same time". This is misleading.
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