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We have been looking at summer tennis camps in and around Barcelona for the month (or three weeks) of July for our daughter who is a junior in Canada (u14). There are quite a few options..some extremely pricey. We are looking more at honing her skills rather than a tennis vacation (that will happen at the end of July!!!). Still, we would like her to have fun and remain passionate about her game and really prepare her for u16 tournament play that she will face in the fall. We were told to look at Sanchez-Casal, Bruguera and elite...all of which offer different options. Does anyone have experience or knowledge with any summer camps in Spain? Any guidance would be most appreciated.
Yes! I can tell you that Sanchez has nice facilities if she is boarding there..I am not going to tell you I was that impressed with the tennis or customer service. More marketing than anything else. I can tell you Bruguera is a 20 minutes out of Barcelona and kids are happy there. I read posts all the time saying how they aren't that good anymore. I was there - first hand - the kids that board are high level. It is a homey her age..from allover the world. Facilities are fine. Customer service is great. Xavier / Director - class act. Elite has a good reputation. I looked there for adults and college tennis. Just not certain about juniors. And I must tell you there is a fantastic spot in Mallorca with Jofre Porta that is incredible. Again it's an intimate boarding academy, homey feel, jofre and his wife live there, great instructors, everyone is working for sure but serious and smiling.

Great experience for her to train a bit in kudos to you! You won't regret it.
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