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Yeah, these frames are a bit of a pain as others have noted. However, you could make life a little easier on yourself with a few simple steps.
  1. Weave the cross all the way to the other side.
  2. Apply the turn table brake at the appropriate point where the string will be more or less straight going to the tension head.
  3. Bring the end of the string over the frame and pull tension.
  4. Clamp string.
  5. Place end of string into the IGS hole.
  6. Weave to the other side and repeat steps 1-5.
NOTE ON STEP 3: I never put the string over any frame and pull tension except on this frame. Reason I don't mind doing it on this frame is because racquetball racquet tensions are very low and don't cause damage to the paintjob of the frame. The other reason is because it lets the string sit higher in the string bed when tension is pulled and easier to clamp before putting it thru the IGS hole.

If you want, you could also use a business card and lie it on the frame where the string won't come into contact with the frame when pulling tension.

Good luck.
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