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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
One other comment;;;;;; It looked like you were stringing this frame with poly, although I can't be certain.

Anyway, I rarely, if ever string racquetball frames with poly. I simply refuse to do it, because poly puts so much stress on these frames, which are already so fragile, they sometimes eat thru the material and crack them.

Or, when players hit the ball, the poly is so stiff, it has no give, so the frame ends up bending and cracking before it should.

They also tend to really "burn" the richter tubes and break them fairly easily on e-force frames.

These frames are really not engineered for poly, which is why I've followed a policy to not string them with poly.
I strung it with a co poly, Volkl Cyclone Tour, I came in the store and the customer already had his mind set with that string, couldn't tell him other wise, who was I to change his mind you know lol. Life would have been easier with a multifilament or a syn. gut for sure
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