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I have a couple of comments and a question. I play doubles, and the bad calls that really annoy me are the ones that are made by the opponent who is across the court from the ball, calling a down the line shot out from her vantage point near the other sideline, while her partner is lined up on the sideline with me and "doesn't see the ball because she was trying to hit it." That said, I did overrule my partner when she called a DTL out from across the court.....I know either player is allowed to make a call, but I don't call across lines (especially sidelines) unless it's obviously out.

A few years ago, in an attempt to make players more "honest," the USTA allowed players to overrule their partners and be able to play a let as long as their team had returned the ball. Sometime later, my USTA captain said the rule had been changed back and an overrule results in losing the point. We have playing that way for a while now, but I just checked The Code for something else and saw that the ability to play a let still stands. Was my captain wrong? (Yikes!)

As far as retaliation for consistently bad calls is concerned, I've considered taking a tip from baseball and calling a tight "strike zone," but I haven't actually tried it.
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