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Originally Posted by fundrazer View Post
I'm going to start up a thread here to talk about my return to playing tennis more often and whatever else comes to my mind Don't think anyone will be too interested but who knows. I'm looking to start playing my club's tennis league in march or april. So most of what I blab about will be my progression from rusty technique to solid league player.
I've been thinking about doing a similar sort of (diary or journal) thread after seeing threads (over in the tips and technique forum) by Mick and Stergios, and I think I remember seeing a similar type thread in this forum by Fuji. Mine will be mostly videos, and I'm going to put it in the tips and techniques forum in the hope of getting some helpful playing tips from knowledgeable posters.

My local league (Tennis Fort Lauderdale - Boca Raton, of the nationwide Tennis League Network) winter season deadline for inclusion in the winter season playoffs is tomorrow, March 10. I missed the whole season so far due to a Crohn's disease flare up. But am back on the courts looking forward to the spring season which runs from April 2 to May 26. (I'll actually be playing some winter season matches as we can still submit those, and the winter season continues, for a while, but the results won't be eligible for playoff consideration.)
I returned to tennis just last year after being away from it since 1976.

Anyway, good luck fundrazer. I'll be following your thread along with the others. If possible please post some videos of your play.
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