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Originally Posted by Brian11785 View Post
I have been playing in flex leagues for a couple of years now, working my way up from

winning only one match in my first 3.0 season to
winning the city 3.0 tournament to
winning only one set my first season in 3.5 to
going 4-2 my second season in 3.5 (beating a guy in straight sets who'd previously beat me 6-1,6-1.)

All of this progression happened in LeagueTennis.

With a sweet $10 season deal they had going this spring, I decided to sign up for UltimateTennis this time.

The last time I played Ultimate was last summer, I went a respectable 6-1 with a loss in the second round of the 16-person playoffs in 3.0. However, I won several three setters and my rating was a little shy of causing me to be bumped up. All of this happened around the time I was getting demolished in 3.5 LeagueTennis (as mentioned above.)

In the months after that season, I took a few lessons, worked on some weak areas, improved my strengths and found a racquet/string setup that gave me a lot of confidence. Hence, the turn-around and 4-2 record in the fall season of LeagueTennis 3.5. And I think I'm now better than I was in the fall.

I sent an email to UltimateTennis telling them this....that I'd finished with a winning record in 3.5 LeagueTennis, along the way beating a guy who regularly does well in Ultimate 3.5. Basically requesting to be bumped up to 3.5...seemed reasonable.

I was sent a form copy-and-paste-from-the-website letter response denying my request. I am. Stuck playing 3.0 for one more season.

Should I:
(a) Attempt to double bagel every person that I play.
(b) Play the whole season with my Jimmy Connors and/or Chris Evert American Star Wilson woodies.
(c) Be a cold machine on court and forward my opponent Ultimate's response at the first sounds of "sandbagger."
(d) Both a and c
(e) Create your own.

I'd recommend the Tennis League Network for you, but I don't think it's got a league in the Atlanta area. Don't know for sure though -- you can check it out. As a new TLN member you could self-rate and your rating would be modified (even during seasonal league play), or not, based on your results.

As for your situation with Ultimate it looks like you're stuck with playing a season at 3.0, after which your results, based on what you've said your current playing level is, should cause them to bump you up a level or two.
I'd just go for winning each match by as wide a margin as you can. If any of your opponents mention that you seem too good to be playing 3.0, then you can explain your situation to them. No need to be cold about it. You can use it as a conversation starter or ice-breaker, engaging in friendly conversation between points while proceeding to crush them on court.

I'll be checking out your thread from time to time to see how you're doing. Hope you keep us updated. Post some videos of your playing if possible. Best of luck.
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