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Originally Posted by faultfoot View Post
Yes, I think Equijet might be able to provide some insight into the frame as he owns the Edberg Classic PS 6.1 85 and the Graf PS 7.0 85.

I'm just speculating here but some specs look to be:

-85 square inches head size
-18 x 20 string pattern
-22 mm beam width
-27 inches length

Love to get the measurements on your prototype ...
I finally took a closer look at these rackets and determined your speculates were correct. Also interesting that the weight of the classic 85 was the same as for the ps85 StV models that were used for the classic paintjobs for Stephen Edberg, both are 376g or 13.25 oz unstrung. I also noticed the the candidate ps85 StV rackets for paint jobbing for Edberg were marked "se-10x" for example se-103 as can be seen at the below link:
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