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Oh man the ESECPN brainwash has translated to other sports. Now I know why Clemson beat auburn and Alanama. The just simply didn't care about playing an ACC team, cause its a whole new ball game when SEC teams play each other.

It's about matchups. I agree. Clemson vs UGA wasn't a good matchup, but that dosent mean Clemson would get killed vs Ole Miss. Just like Clemson beating Auburn dosent mean Auburn can't play well vs Ole Miss.

Everyone talks about their favorite team in here from time to time. Not all of my posts are about Clemson. We have Indiana, Memphis, Cal, Minnesota, UNC and more in here talking their teams. And those aren't top teams either. What's wrong with that? Do you want this thread to be all about top 5 maybe 10 teams only? I personally like when the fans of those teams I mentioned post.
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