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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
here are some titles (<YECs ) won vs very good players :

1. nalbandian madrid 2007 - federer, nadal, djokovic
2. djokovic montreal 2007 - federer, nadal, roddick
3. federer cincinnati 2009 - djokovic, murray
4. nadal hamburg 2008 - djokovic, federer
5. korda grand slam cup 93 - sampras, stich
6. djokovic IW 2011 - nadal, federer
7. roddick dubai 2008 - nadal, djokovic
8. lendl queens 90 - becker, edberg
9. mecir miami 87 - edberg, noah, lendl
Here are some of Jan Kodes mayestathicla runs:

Madrid 75 (Borg, Vilas,Nastase,Panatta,Orantes), Barcelona 72 ( Gimeno,Nastase,Orantes all bowed to him on after the other), FH 71Roche  ,Ashe  ,Newcombe  ), RG 71: Ashe,Franulovic and Nastase  and , of course, that Wimbledo win against three of the greatest modern era champions called: Borg, Connors and peakest Nastase.

Kodes was epical.Should be a character in Homeus works, liked a raging Greek God, He had misfortune, though, for the most part of his career
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