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Originally Posted by The Dawgs View Post
You have your own topic "Clemson Tennis" put whatever you want to say about Clemson in there, and then people can choose to read about Clemson if they wish. Stop trying to saturate other topics with Clemson stuff. It's not like they are even a factor in college tennis. They haven't been for a long time. Also, don't start comparing scores. Just because Auburn played Ole Miss and Mississippi State close, that doesn't mean Clemson would have. It's all in the match ups. If you really want to compare scores, Clemson won one set against Georgia, yesterday Ole Miss beat Georgia, it seems to me Clemson wouldn't have a chance in hell against Ole Miss. Again, just because Auburn played them close, it doesn't mean you would. When SEC teams play each other, it's a whole new ballgame.

But since we are talking about Clemson, why does everyone say they have the worst officials (home cooking) in the world. The average age of officials there has got to be 70. If you want to root for a winner. Root for the womens team. Those girls can play.
We are lucky to have Top Dawg on this forum. If it was only you and Dawgie Dawg, my opinion of Georgia would be way down.

Clemson_tennis is a solid contributor to this board and he knows his stuff. I rarely ever see you post on here, so please don't be telling other people where they should and should not post. And, if you want to talk about useless saturation, talk to Dawgie Dawg.
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