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Originally Posted by Chemist View Post
I agree that some comments like the energy drink and MMA training were a little ridiculous for kids. Don't you think a reasonable parent just laugh at these "tips". I would say that majority of the posters are reasonable, responsible, and respectful to each other. Talk Tennis is a nice forum for parents like myself to learn from others and to share our own experience.
One of the issues is that I think most parents don't necessarily recognize what or what isn't 'reasonable' as well as you do I think TW Staff has recognized that there is a gap in topical coverage in our subforum structure. Let's give them a chance to regroup and figure out where we're going with the Junior's section after BNP Paribas is over. I'm pretty sure most of the web-editing crew (aka TW Staff) is out of office until sometime next week. Most of the 'big' administrative decisions are pretty deliberate, and they need a little while to delibeRATE. TW Staff is definitely seeing/reading/hearing everyone's feedback on the Junior subforum, please give them a little patience.
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