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Originally Posted by Steve Huff View Post
If you can make a 6 point mounting system where the supports are on the inside of the frame, that would be a real improvement. Inside mounting helps keep the racket in its original shape, and is more convenient to work around. Outside mounting, like all current 6 point machines, allow the frame to be squeezed inward, allowing for more distortion. Good luck.
I should elaborate on Steve's recommendation. This implies that the supports are NOT located in the same place as a 6-point outside, intuitively. A frame will compress when the mains are strung, thus rounding out the frame. If you just swap the position of the mounts to the inside of the frame, the outermost supports will do absolutely nothing. The frame will round out, and there will be no support from the outside mounts. You'd have to evaluate deformation and collect data before trying anything like this. If you wanted to make it easy on yourself, have the supports be inside AND out. There's no easy fix overall unless you come up with something completely unorthodox (as compared to current mounting "technology"). IMHO.
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