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Originally Posted by diredesire View Post
Doubtful unless it's already actively supported in this version of vBull. I think the TTW boards don't go upgrade-crazy. We're easily a few versions behind the latest.

Closest you can probably do is enable e-mail subscriptions to threads you post in, and/or get a daily digest. I auto-subscribe to threads I post in, so any replies (quote or not) will pop up when I click "User CP."
Yeah I understand. I'd rather not sub to threads, as often I dont want to continue to discuss the topic, however I am happy to do someone the courtesy of a reply should they question my post.

It's a feature that would encourage more back and forth but I'm not sure this board is desperatly in need of more of that however it would be a nice feature to add should it be supported by of VB version.
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