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Originally Posted by T1000 View Post
Back in the gym on Monday and gonna start Bill Starr's Madcow 5x5. Hoping to get to 600 dead 455 squat and 275 bench by September natty (at 455 275 205 now after mono/flu) then start using the good stuff. Hopefully my numbers will be good enough to compete in 2014
Those would be some sweet *** numbers to attain, what bodyweight do you hope to end at with it?

Originally Posted by onehandbh View Post
I question I have for the TW benchers.

Why is it that if I do 135x10, 155x8, 135x10
135x10, 155x8, 175x?, 135x10

In the second version, the last 135x10 seems a lot easier?
There's some neurological component. I've heard it thrown around that by going up and doing a heavier weight first it gets more neurons firing which makes down sets much easier to do (besides the psychological component of this feels lighter than what I just did)

It's sort of the basic premise of the Bulgarian training method for Olympic weightlifting. Single up to a daily max (not always a true max or personal record) and then drop down for volume.

Max Aita did it for squats multiple times a day for a few months and went from a 250kg squat to a 302kg squat in maybe 3 or 4 months.
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