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Originally Posted by VaththalKuzhambu View Post
Do you play the piano too?
No, we couldn't afford it, I learned tennis by going to those massive lessons. 1-2 instructors for 30-40 kids. Never had a private/personal coach. But now that I'm making some money, I DO want to learn the piano as I've grown to love classical music. I'm still young, but I figured athletic ability won't last forever, but stroking a key, I don't think that'll decline with age.

Originally Posted by thejackal View Post
mine got me into a swimming program when I was four. hated it so told them 'no' the second year. been easier to say no to them since then (hence my not becoming a med student)
I was on my way to get a Ph.D in cell biology but I said f*** it, I don't want to be 35 and still not be able to buy a house, not with post-doc(s) and all that nonsense. So I'm getting a MBA instead.

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