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This afternoon I compared the 7G with the Redondo 98 MP+.

The Redondo demo looks like a 3rd place finisher compared to the 5G and 7G. It has a lackluster paint job. I would call it flat metallic maroon with battleship grey contrasting segments on the hoop. Not a lot of eye appeal, but I hope a brand new one would look better than this demo. Then there's the dark mustard brown (I'm being polite) leather grip that looks like it was baked in someone's trunk for a Florida summer. It's smooth and "tacky-less". The fact is, it's tacky, but not in a good way. It's got Gosen Micro 17 strings which I'm guessing are cheap (17 gauge I like though) And then there's the name, "Redondo". To me it sounds too much like REDUNDANT. You know, compared to the 7G. Pro Kennex marketing, what were you thinking? Frankly, I really wanted to just compare the 5G with the 7G with the Kinetic system, but because the price to demo 2 or 4 rackets is the same, I looked for a couple other rackets to request as well.

All that being said, the Redondo really plays well! A very nice racket. I like it.

The Redondo has good power, but not as much as the effortless power of the +.5 inch 7G.

The Redondo has more control than the 7G. Less power, more control. I think it breaks down to personal preference. Take your pick.

The Redondo is a very comfortable racket, as you would expect with a flex rating in the mid 50s. I would give the edge in comfort to the 7G. I assume it's th Kinetic tech.

I prefer both these rackets to the 5G, but please note that the new demo 5G I have has the highest frequency string ping, making me think it's strung tight. I know this is not scientific, but I'm just reporting it.

Next time out, I'm going to take all three rackets to see if my impressions are the same.

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