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So the other day my bud and I decided to play tennis after a relatively long layoff. As you probably do not know, 95% of the public courts in my city are unplayable; they usually have fixed "nets" made of wire mesh, fading boundary lines, potholes galore (much like the roads) and holes and openings in the back and side fences. Clubs are obscenely priced and their courts always in use. This forces what few tennis players there are onto a few centrally located decently maintained public courts.

As we approach we see this oaf teaching about nine or ten kids. There are four courts at this location and it looked like he was only using two at the time doing some silly drills. We get our equipment and head onto the furthest court out and this 300 lb instructor yells out, "Hey buddy, we got these reserved". Quite an odd statement. I did not know you could "reserve" public courts.
I understand your frustration, but yeah, in a lot of places you can actually reserve public courts. "Public" doesn't necessarily mean available to everybody at all times without restriction.

I live in a city with only 1 decent public tennis facility - a 12 court facility in a very nice park. But, people reserve it for small tennis events, one of the high schools reserves it for dual matches and tournaments, it is used for lessons, and of course, park district tennis programs. Basically, some of the courts are regularly reserved.

So, again, I understand with the limited courts you have, it has to be frustrating, but it's hardly a crazy notion that the courts won't always be available.
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