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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
I haven't seen those comments by Novak either tbh.

About what Nadal said there, well, I have to say it was pretty odd the way Novak was looking like he couldn't go on early on in matches and then didn't have a problem to play 5 hours...
Novak didn't seem upset at the comments... maybe they talked about it, maybe he likes Rafa too much to be upset, maybe he was faking so wasn't mad, maybe he wasn't faking but understood it looked like it?. Who knows.

As for Novak's personality, I have sometimes liked him and sometimes not, and I'm not really sure what to think of him. He does seem to have a kind of forward personality that I tend not to like much, and maybe other people feel the same. He also seems to have a short temper, which I don't like. And people around him seem quite unpleasant, mom, dad, brother, Tipsarevic. That does have its effect on how Novak is perceived, whether that's fair or not.
It didn't bother me what he was actually saying, what bothers me is that he felt like saying anything at all. It felt like a sly dig, in the same way Federer sometimes makes against some players.

Your opinion is fair enough
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