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Here is my modified version of Lendl's Hybrid Pattern for my Babolat Pure Storm Tour: It should work for other racquets starting mains from top as well.

It is a 3 pieces hybrid. The center string in green is 27ft with 6 mains on each side to avoid bottom up crosses. It has 8ft short side on left side and ties on 6T(left top) and 8B(left bottom). The outside string 1 is 7ft starting from 9T on left side and ties on 8T (left) and 11T (right); The outside string 2 is 8 ft starting from 9B and ties on 7B (right) & 8B (right). The reason to have 4 bottom crosses instead of 5 bottom crosses is that I have to tie center green string at 8B on left.

It requires longer center string (27ft). In addition, it needs at least 2 starting clamps to hold tension before anchor string is available. Other racquets starting mains from top may try this version as well.


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