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Thanks guys, so I ended up needing 19'5" for the mains and 18' for the crosses. I put in a full bed of Kirschbaum Super Smash Orange 17 gauge and strung on a Klippermate. Finally strung it up two days ago.

mad dog1: I hit today with the RDiS 200 for the first time. I really like it. It's definitely softer than the RDiS 100 MP which I had no arm/shoulder issues with. I just bought these sticks too since they were on sale. I do play with a lot of spin and slice so a lot of my shots that felt like they would go long, still dropped in near the baseline. It's definitely different but I like it!
Yonex: RDiS 100 MP _ RDiS 200
Mains: Kirschbaum SS Orange 17 @ 48 lbs _ Crosses: Wilson Syn Gut Extreme 17 @ 48 lbs
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