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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
... some of the guys playing tournaments take it way too seriously.
OMG! This is sooooo true. Like the OP, I took a 15 year break from tennis after college (ended D-II college tennis career senior year with a lateral meniscus tear in the knee at the play-in round of team nationals) and just really started playing again about a year ago.

I played my first tournament match this evening (I play lots of matches at my club but they don't count for anything other than pride) and the guy I played tonight took it way too seriously.

I knew it was going to be interesting when I got there earlier than I had planned (traffic was light and I had never been to this club so wanted to make sure I had extra time just in case I got lost) and he was already there and doing serious stretching and calisthenics (no joke) in the lobby more than 30 mins before match time.

When the match started, he took 3-5 min breaks during changeovers, 2 min breaks between almost every game and then at least a 5 min break after the first set.

Even worse, he was calling anything that was within 6 inches inside the line as out and then complaining about any ball I called out, even if it wasn't close. Eventually, even the guys on the court next to us (who were also playing in the tournament) started telling me that I was getting hooked.

Life's too short -- I didn't want to argue with this guy so I went to the tournament director and requested a line judge. Once he found out who i was playing, he laughed and said this wasn't the first time he had to line judge on his court.

In any case, I ended up winning but didn't enjoy playing with this guy at all.
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