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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Here are some of Jan Kodes mayestathicla runs:

Madrid 75 (Borg, Vilas,Nastase,Panatta,Orantes), Barcelona 72 ( Gimeno,Nastase,Orantes all bowed to him on after the other), FH 71Roche  ,Ashe  ,Newcombe  ), RG 71: Ashe,Franulovic and Nastase  and , of course, that Wimbledo win against three of the greatest modern era champions called: Borg, Connors and peakest Nastase.

Kodes was epical.Should be a character in Homeus works, liked a raging Greek God, He had misfortune, though, for the most part of his career
my list was about the players they beat ...

the fields in those tournaments included many more impressive players

kodes only beat panatta and orantes in madrid 75

FH 71 and 73 runs were very good

RG 71 - franulovic wasn't that great, ashe wasn't that good on clay , nastase was good , but not yet at his peak that time , still that one win was a good one ...but again, no Laver/Rosewall ...he lost to laver @ rome 71

Kodes didn't meet any of pre-prime connors, first Wimbledon borg and bombed out Nastase in Wimbledon 73 ... that was a joke of a major with 13 of the 16 seeds missing and 81 players missing overall
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