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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Since 99,5% of posters here do know nothing about this epic Kodes champion here are some milestones in his career:

Wins the 1980 Davis Cup
Wins two back to back RG titles, beating guys like Franulovic ( twice), Ashe and Ilie Nastase
wins Wimbledon over Borg,Nastase,Connors
wins Barcelona 72 with consecutive wins ON THEIR HOME TURF and IN STRAIGHT SETS, Gimeno (RG champion), nastase (USO champion) and titleholder Manolo Orantes
wins Madrid 75, in one of the all time heaviest cc fields with prime Nastase,prime Borg, prime Orantes, prime Panatta and prime Vilas
lost the 71 USO final after defeating in an all time classic match the best grass courter of the 70īs, John Newcombe, then Tony Roche, then Pierre Barthes, the ebst french player for many years, then Arthur Ashe...and lost in 4 hard fought sets to Stan Smith
lost the 73 USO final after beating the worldīs nš 1 player Stan Smith, and other top guys like John Alexander and Nicky Pilic, and only being extremely tired avoided a probable win over Newcombe.That said by Newk himself, a great self believer...

maybe he won less titles than others...but his career had that flavour of epic greatness associated to Greek gods...
I know plenty enough to know this post is full of spin, hyperbole and exxaggeration. There are plenty of posters around here who know about Kodes and his career, the difference between us and you is that were look at it objectively and not through rose tinted glasses. If you want our respect for your opinions I recommend you show some respect for ours.
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