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Default Yonex VCore Tour 97 users thread.

Whether you play with the heavy version or the light version share your thoughts here.

I had used Ezone Xi 100 with a lot of success for at least a year, made my play offs at 4.5 level twice and made the semis once. Now I play 5.0 and decided to give myself a new set of racquets, after buying a VCore Xi 98 and messing with it for 3 weeks, I sold it and got the 97T, which fit well to me.

Comparing to the Ezone Xi it has less power, a little less access to topspin, less forgiving, but I gained a little better accuracy, flat balls have a more linear trajectory, the slice is a bit better, it swings faster and quicker despite being heavier, maybe because of the balance, it feels very nice as well, not as dampened as the Ezone, although I prefer how the Ezone Xi feels.

Anyway I'm glad for now, though I'm not selling my set of Ezones.
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