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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
Many people have meniscus injuries that aren't causing problems as the "61%" of your first post indicates. If the damaged part of the meniscus gets in the way inside the joint in my opinion something has to be done.
It's funny, b/c I got a new meniscus tear on my previous healthy left knee (had one surgery on the right one many years ago, then passed on a second surgery):

I felt some pain and wobbliness even sitting poorly on a chair at work mid week (that would get better after half an hour walk), then some problems while playing two nights in a row (including a match, when I was tentative to move and lost my serve late in the set and the match).

And then it got better the next day, DURING an easy tennis lesson (that I've shared with a friend)?!! I've started that lesson with some problems/pain/being tentative and finished almost pain free (well I've also changed my technique a bit, especially on the BH- different rotation and a lower, more relaxed position)...

That kinda make me even more sure, that moderate movement actually helped my knee, an opinion reinforced yesterday when I've only rode my exercise bike and practiced my serve (no pain anymore- not even that small tinge when going down the stairs). I'll have to see how it holds in another match tomorrow(the last for a couple of weeks) and then in daily practice sessions with better players then me(and lighter weight wise) during the week...

(Yeah and went back a few weeks ago, after a few months off to glucosamine, Omega 3 and vitamin D).
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