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Originally Posted by The Dawgs View Post
My apologies to Clemson Tennis and anyone else I may have offended yesterday. I guess I'm just not a Clemson fan, although I root for their womens team. There's a history between Georgia and Clemson, going back to an ugly incident when Jenkins played there. I need to get over it. Again, my sincere apology. By the way I do enjoy the contribution Clemson Tennis brings to the board. It's just a Clemson thing. Sorry
I think the whole point of this thread is to keep folks in the loop with what is going on around the country. I only see Florida matches so that is all I can contribute.

There's no harm in some playful teasing when another fans team has an off night, week, or year. However, if you want to see more posts about your away. This thread is a solid one, talk specific or broad as you want. Someone will correspond with you.
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