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Talking Welcome

Hi, and a big welcome to the Bistro, Costagirl! I'm ILC, nice to meet you. Yes that is Carlos Moya, as in Ilovecarlos =ILC. How wonderful that you get to wowrk with him.

I'm sure that the Bistro regulars will start introducing themselves. See you,ve met Mikey B. Wise not to get between him and a bottle of Stoli. Please do not be aalarmed if you bump into a lemur from time to time. He's usually pretty easy going. If you see a cute little kitten, dressed as a pirate with a little hook on one paw, once again, he belongs here and he won't hurt you especially if you get him a bowl of rum and milk.

Come in any time. The Bistro TV's always have tennis on!
What's between you and your pants is between you and your pants.
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