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Default Jennifer Capriati arrest warrant sought!

From the cnnsi tracking blog

The North Palm Beach Police Department is reportedly seeking an arrest warrant for former tennis-star Jennifer Capriati for allegedly attacking her ex-boyfriend, Ivan Brannan.

According to Gossip Extraís Jose Lambiet, Capriati could be facing charges of battery and stalking stemming from a Valentine Dayís incident with Brannan.

The report claims that Capriati and Brannan had some sort of altercation outside of the menís locker room at the Oxygen Health and Fitness Gym in North Palm Beach, Florida. Capriati allegedly struck Brannanís chest with her fist repeatedly before a yoga instructor intervened and called the cops.

Despite legal troubles during and after her playing career, Capriati was formerly a top-ranked player while winning 14 titles, including three Grand Slams. Capriati won a gold medal at the 1992 Olympics.

Don't know what to make of this. I'm sure here's multiple sides to the story, but has to be fairly serious if an arrest warrant is being sought.

I never thought much of her shoplifting/marijuana thing when she was young - seemed like fairly common rebellion. Not that it wasn't wrong, but plenty of people have done something similarly stupid and didn't have any further issues when they were older.
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