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Originally Posted by bluetrain4 View Post
I'm betting it doesn't lead to much and she won't be prosecuted. Yes, if the report is true, it technically is battery, but doesn't seem like something a prosecutor would pursue unless it's a pattern or there are other circumstances that we don't know about. If she's taken in, I'm sure she'll just say, "we got in a fight, I was ****ed, I hit him."

But, sounds like she may have been following the guy around if there are suggestions of stalking.
Very reasonable - of course with her fame no doubt the prosecutor with the ex? Boyfriend filing a complaint have to issue a warrant. Ad per the latest story from her lawyers and the PB County no warrant has been issued yet.

Reading the story and past ones between these two seems its more hate than love.........the dude ran into the locker room to HIDE from her! It was the Yoga instructor that maybe stopped her from knocking him out!!!! Dude is a total PUSS.
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