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Originally Posted by gavna View Post Sgt. Hulka would say "lighten up Francis!"

It's hysterical.........I cannot get the picture out of my head of the dude running into the men's locker room to hide (which he did) and have the Yoga instructor intervene and save him!!!!!! Yea a 36 yr old Capriati must have one hell of a right cross!
So, if 'wimpy' girl was being chased by a manly dude, everyone would be on the man's case. This is exactly the problem.

No matter how 'hysterical' the imagery is of this situation, that man is not the only one out there that is undergoing issues like these.

Laughing about it doesn't help, it makes you seem very insensitive.
You don't compromise convictions to be compassionate- Rick Warren
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