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Originally Posted by Overdrive View Post
I'm going to be a Devil's Advocate here. If Agassi was seen beating up Steffi Graf, there would be already 50+ posts here condemning or supporting Agassi... The social judgement of gender roles in this country still sets us as humans back according to progress.

Sure the boyfriend's 'manhood' can be called into question, but NOTHING is funny about abuse; whether it is the man or woman who is the victim.
I'd generally agree. Plus, I think the guy may be smart enough to know that if he gets into a physical altercation with his ex and tensions are high and he does anything in response to her hitting him like shoving her, then he could be in a whole lot of trouble, as it would then be a man assaulting a female. Sure, some may think that it doesn't look good for him to retreat, but it's probably pretty smart.
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