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I never thought much of her shoplifting/marijuana thing when she was young - seemed like fairly common rebellion. Not that it wasn't wrong, but plenty of people have done something similarly stupid and didn't have any further issues when they were older.
there's a thread on this further down the page.

she's been on tmz a lot since retirement(dating a porn star, the 'accidental' overdose, stalking accusations etc. getting in a fight in a club with a girl over a guy. and that sad interview in the NY times a while back where she sounded pretty despondent over not being able to comeback on tour due to injuries)

I think Malisse said she was nutter after breaking up with her.

check out these threads

It was high time for her to hightail it outtahere: Records also show Capriati was the target of 10 — I counted — police complaints from an ex-boyfriend.

And that’s just for 2012!

Gate Crashing

The ex-boyfriend was identified as Ivan Brannan, 28, a former FSU golfer.

In August, Capriati allegedly sped through the guard gate of Brennan’s Singer Island condo building in her Porsche Cayenne after the guard refused to let her in.

She alleged blocked Brannan from leaving his car but left when he called police. Riviera cops caught up to her later and ordered her to stay off the property.

Brannan also accused Capriati of calling his work place, PGA Marina, over 100 times in a single day and questioning his co-workers about him.

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