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Originally Posted by Benhur View Post
Those of you who participate in Wikipedia articles may wish to make a little correction in the Connors page. In the fourth paragraph there is this sentence:

[...] His career win-loss record of 1243–277 (81.77%) is third after Björn Borg (82.7%) and Ivan Lendl (81.8%)[..]

That's wrong. Actually Connors is second in this category, not third. They are comparing it to Lendl's rounded up to 81.8. You could say they are both at 81.8. But if you wish to keep splitting numbers (why not?) and round it up to the next place, then Connors is ahead of Lendl by 2 hundredths of one percent.

Borg 608-127 = 82.72
Connors 1243–277 = 81.78
Lendl: 1071-239 = 81.76

You could say this is extremely anal, but you would be pots addressing a kettle. Aren't we all monsters of anality around here? And I am more of a Lendl fan, by the way. But smudging numerical truth should not be tolerated.
Can someone please correct this info on Wiki?
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