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I'm also coming back to tennis after a 15 year hiatus. I'm really giving it a go playing competitively, in spite of having a demanding home life with a wife and two little girls. I try to average a tournament a month, but we'll see how that goes. So far I've placed 1st in 3 tournaments and lost in the quarters to the first seed in my areas Major Zone tourney (I'm still fuming over that 3-set loss).

Since I'm no longer a young pup. I'm 32, so I still have a LOT left in me. However, I still have to really take care of myself.

Tournament Prep. Begins the week before with tuning down the intensity of my workouts. Fresh strings the week before. New enough that they still have all the pop I need, but not so fresh, I don't know how they'll play. Bags packed and ready to rock the night before. I usually pack a fresh set of clothes for every match I expect to play along with extra shirts in case I need them. Lastly, a good pair of sandals. A full nights' sleep is a must every night.

Tournament day. Wake up early...get to the courts at least an hour and a half before my match is scheduled. I like to have friends warm me up before I check in for my match. I take a pre-workout supplement a half hour before my match, usually as I'm checking in. Upon "warming-up" with the opponent, I'm feeling them out for their weakness that I plan to attack. Depending on how the match plays out determines what I do next.

Post Match. If I win, I go into recovery mode. Shoes off, birkenstocks on. If I have another match scheduled for later in the day, I usually just go sit in my car and try to get some sleep. If I'm done for the day, then I go home, ice and heat my muscles and try and get as much sleep as necessary. Rinse and repeat as long as I'm winning. If I lose: I go sit in my car and have a pitty-party after congratulating and finish acting like a good loser.
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