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Originally Posted by Lovely_Bone View Post
I don't like it. I go to the University of Utah, and we call our school "The U". It's confusing when I hear people calling Miami the U, and personally, I thin thing "The U" fits my school a lot better lol. Why is University of Miami even called the U? I don't get it.
Lol. Yeah, it'sa infuriating when another school adopts the shorthand for your school, but it happens all the time.

I went to Northwestern, whose abbreviation on paper, has always been "NU", not NWU. Nebraska is also abbreviated as NU, which was never a problem until they joined the conference. And, Nebraska's official name is the University of Nebraska (or University of Nebraska-Lincoln), so you'd think they'd go by "UN." It isn't "Nebraska University" like it is "Indiana University".

But, for some reason the sports press has given the "NU" designation to Nebraska. Does it really matter? No. But, people will ask, why can't Northwestern just go by NWU? Well, why can't Nebraska go by UN or UNL? Lol.
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