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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
Duke is over rated
really? who behind them in the rankings is better?

my answer might be OSU, but there are arguments against every team behind them

UK is one spot lower - they've lost 6-1 and 4-0 last couple days

OU is two spots lower - Duke beat them already without too much trouble

UGA is three spots lower - they're continuing to struggle with the Ole Miss loss, their 4th of the season

the real answer is -
other than UVA, and maybe USC and UCLA, nobody is that dominant this year that they can't be taken down by a good team ranked 10-20 spots lower playing an inspired match

your point about the rankings continuing to work themselves out is true, but don't expect Duke to be ranked much differently by the end of the season - they'll still be top 5-8 in the end, and they'll have a good shot at NCAA semis if they get the right (meaning UVA-free) draw

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